In November 2022, a dog nutritional supplement manufacturer in Malaysia approached Sywen Packaging and commissioned us to customize a more efficient packaging solution for the company’s oval-shaped tablet vitamins with premade pouches. The vitamin tablet size is 2 (thickness) x 5 mm.

The Challenge:

The customer requested that the packaging machine’s dosing type is by weight, and the packaging weight is 25 KG/bag. The packaging bag is a stand-up pouch made of paper-plastic laminated material. The filling precision should reach ±100 g, and the packaging speed must at least reach 60 bags/hour.

The bags will be placed manually, and the packaging machine weighs and fills them automatically. All parts that contact the material should be 316L stainless steel. After the filling is completed, the bag is transported to the sewing station by the conveyor belt for automatic sewing of the bag.

The Solution:

Sywen Packaging has provided a complete bagging solution for 25 kg vitamin tablets. What we provide is an SK-50 semi-automatic weighing-type packaging machine. The packaging machine uses high-precision weighing sensors to measure, and the filling speed can reach 60-120 bags/min.

The whole machine is made of food-grade stainless steel, an advanced PLC, and an HMI touchscreen control system. Manually put the bag on the discharge port of the filling machine, the machine automatically weighs and fills, and when the target value is reached, the stainless steel clamp automatically releases the bag mouth, and the bag is transported to the automatic sewing station.

After purchasing the machines, our production efficiency has been greatly improved. The pre-sales and after-sales services provided by the Sywen Packaging team are very professional and excellent, and we will continue to cooperate with Sywen.