In July 2022, a snack food manufacturer in Singapore contacted Sywen Packaging. The company increase the roasted nuts in the sales category, so need to purchase a granule packaging machine to fill 120g-820g of roasted dried nuts, and the filling speed should reach 600-900 bags/hour.


Products: roasted almonds, peanuts and mixed nuts
Packing: stand-up pouches with zipper, PET jars
Packaging Weight: 120g, 260g, 340g, 500g, 750g, 820g
Filling Speed: 10-15 bags/min
Packaging Accuracy: ≤±3‰


Supplied Machine:

This inclined bucket elevator is made of stainless steel and food-grade PP plastic, it is used to continuously convey granular and small block materials to the granular filling machine. The standard lifting height is 1.65 meters, and the conveying capacity can reach 3-6 CBM/hour.

The semi-automatic granule weighing packaging machine is a combination of machine and labor to complete the packaging of granular materials, its biggest advantage is that it has a wide filling range and strong compatibility with the product packing methods. It can be used to package prefabricated bags, PP cans, metal cans, etc.

The filling range is 30-2000g, and high-precision digital weighing sensor is used to measure and fill, and the filling accuracy can reach ≤±3‰. The machine frame is consist of stainless steel and plexiglass, which is easy for cleaning and maintenance.

The vibration unloading at two speeds, fast and slow, the electromagnetic vibration amplitude can be adjusted, and there is a function of automatically correcting the accuracy error in the weighing process. Four weighing hoppers work alternately, and the packaging speed is fast.