SK-50 weigh and fill machine is designed for packaging 5-50 KG loose, relatively good fluidity small particles, widely used for packaging food (like beans, spices, soybeans, corn, rice, sugar, peanuts, snacks, buckwheat, etc.), fertilizers (like granular organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, ammonium phosphate, potash fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, etc.), chemical industry (like PVC, PE, ABS, etc.) granular materials.

The machine is mainly composed of a storage bin, a weighing hopper, a discharge port, a bag clamping device, an electrical control box, and a stainless steel mainframe. It has movable wheels for easy movement back and forth. The weighing system is equipped with high-precision weighing sensors and weighing display instruments, which can ensure the stability of the machine under long-term work.

Manual bagging, pneumatic clamping, automatic weighing, and filling. When packaging, the material does not agglomerate and does not destroy its physical form. Independent display window for data input, with high brightness and clear, LED touch screen. Packaging weight, cumulative output, number of packages always show during the packaging process.

It can form a small filling line with automatic material conveying machine, bag sewing device, or bag heat sealing device. Material contact parts are made of 304 stainless steel, with high corrosion resistance. Adopts pneumatic structure, reliable in packaging, simple for maintenance.

50KG Weighing Filling Machine

For the same model, the requirements for accuracy and packaging speed are different, and the structure and configuration of the machine will be different. So please tell us more information about your detailed packaging needs before choosing a suitable weigh and fill machine.

What is the packaging process of SK-50 Weigh and Fill Machine?

50KG Bag Weighing Filling Machine

• Turn on the machine, waiting for it to enter the running state, the double-speed feeding device starts to add material with fast and slow speed, when the feeding amount almost reaches the set value, fast feeding ends, then start to slow feeding. When the weight of the material reaches the final set feeding value, the feeding process ends, the feeding motor stops running or the feeding door is closed, and the weighing process is completed.

• At the same time, the packing bag is placed on the automatic bag clamping device. Through program control, the discharge door of the weighing hopper is automatically opened, and the material flows into the packing bag. When the filling finishes, the bag clamping device is automatically released, and the packaging bag automatically falls onto the conveyor, transported to the automatic heat sealing or automatic sewing station.

• After another packaging bag is manually put on the clamp, the two-speed automatic feeding, automatic weighing, and automatic filling cycles are repeated.

• When the packaging specification changes, the conveyor height can be adjusted automatically, and the sewing machine automatically cuts the thread. The conveyor has a back switch, and the package with stitching defects can be returned for secondary sewing.

Model SK-50 Weigh and Fill Machine
Packing Container Type no limit
Filling Range 5-50 KG
Hopper Volume 25-50 L
Machine Material 304 stainless steel in contact with material, the others are 202 stainless steel
Filling Speed 5-15 bags/min
Power 1.2 KW
Weighing Hopper NOS has relationship with filling speed, accuracy
Unloading Method double vibrator unloading
Packing Bag Type plastic woven bag, Kraft paper bag, inner bag with inner plastic film (heat-sealed) bag
Manual Weigh and Fill Machine