In September 2022, a cosmetic manufacturer in Singapore contacted Sywen Packaging. They needed to purchase a volumetric piston filling machine to package viscous moisturizing facial mask cream. There is a total of three packaging specifications, the packaging speed should reach 1200-1300 bottles/hour.


Product: skin care sleeping mask cream
Packing: plastic jar
Package Weight: 80g, 102g, 175g
Plastic Jar Size: diameter 5.5-8.2 cm, height 6-11.7 cm
Filling Speed: 18-20 bottles/min
Filling Accuracy: ±1%


Supplied Machine:

The automatic liquid filling machine is suitable for the quantitative filling of fluid and semi-fluid products in food, daily chemical, and other industries. With other related auxiliary equipment, it can automatically complete counting, bottle feeding, quantitative filling, and conveying processes. The operator can adjust the filling volume directly on the touch screen, which is easy to operate and saves time.

The machine has 8 filling heads, and each filling head is driven by an independent cylinder, the filling process is quick. The bottle is passively conveyed to the filling nozzle, when the photoelectric switch of the machine detects the bottle, it automatically starts the filling, and then conveys the filled bottles out, no bottle will not fill. The height of the filling head can be adjusted according to the height of the bottle or jar.

Servo motor drives, the filling head adopts a pneumatic valve to prevent dripping, and the powerful human-computer interaction can easily solve the adjustment of filling volume, measurement error, and filling speed. The unique metering adjustment memory storage function automatically stores the filling parameters. If fill products of the same medium, same packaging weight, and the packaging data can be directly selected from the memory library, it is not necessary to adjust the equipment again.