Model: SY-GT Semi Automatic Viscous Liquid Filling Machine

Filling Range: 25-500 ML,100-1000 ML,500-2800 ML,1000-5000 ML

Filling Principle: gravity filling

Control Method: full pneumatic control

Filling Nozzles NOS: 1-2

Filling Speed: 10-30 bottles/min

Accuracy: ± 1-2%

Working Pressure: 0.6-0.8 MPa

SY-GT Manual Liquid Filling Machine

This semi-automatic viscous liquid filling machine belongs to pneumatic liquid filling machine, pneumatic control or foot control, suitable for high viscosity liquid or liquid with particles, such as shampoo, honey, chili sauce, bean paste, sesame paste, body soap, detergent, Liquid lubricating oil, cream, lotion, etc. Novel design, lightweight, convenient, and easy to operate.

The structure is simple, the maintenance is convenient, and the drive components are reliable. It also has a self-suction function, Imported cylinders, and pneumatic components ensure the filling reliability of the machine. The measurement accuracy is high, and there is no dripping phenomenon during filling. The filling speed is fast and can be filled automatically and continuously. The material contact parts are made of 304 (standard configuration) or 316 stainless steel. The height of the filling head can be adjusted. Both the inner and outer walls of the machine are polished to comply with GMP standards.

Rotary Valve

T-Connection Rotary Valve


Durable PTFE Piston


High Quality Big Cylinder

Adjusting Hand Wheel

Filling Volume Adjusting Wheel

• This manual viscous liquid filling machine is driven by compressed air control, so it is particularly suitable for explosion-proof requirements and

it is safe to use in humid conditions.

• Pneumatic control, and adopting mechanical positioning, can fill different paste-like liquid products.

• The filling accuracy is ±1%.

• If you need an emergency stop, just press the switch and the piston will automatically return to the initial position and filling stops.

• According to requirements, it can be carried out between “manual” and “automatic” filling state adjustment.

• The main power of the machine is the air source, and the customer needs to provide their own air compression equipment.

• The machine failure rate is extremely low.