The vial filling line is mainly applied to packaging less than 50 ML non-corrosive liquid, such as mosquito repellent liquid, oral liquid, veterinary drugs, essential oil, pharmaceutical liquids, etc. It is mainly composed of a bottle unscrambler, filling capping machine, alumina foil sealing machine, and labeling machine.

Based on the principle of volumetric metering and filling, it uses a peristaltic pump, measures the filling volume through the working time of the pump, has high filling precision. The capping part is automatically capped by the caps sorting system, adding inside plug, screw capping system. If there is alumina foil inside caps, an alumina foil sealing machine is necessary. After sealing the aluminum foil, you can also use a testing instrument to detect whether the aluminum foil is missing.An automatic labeling machine is used for single or double side labeling.

The bottles are placed in the turntable machine, arranged into rows, runs on a certain track, transported to the next packaging station in an equidistant manner.When passing the filling station, the bottle is filled in two times.When arrives the caps sorting station, the cap is automatically hung on the bottle mouth.Then pass the capping station, the capping head becomes lower, screw the cap tightly on the bottle mouth.After filling and capping,the bottle is transferred by conveyor to the labeling station.

The unscrambling of bottle and caps is completed by a vibrator, filling is completed by a double-head peristaltic pump, and the labeling and conveying of bottles are completed by the conveying motor on the labeling machine.Under the control of PLC, each machine coordinated to complete the whole packaging action.

Small Scale Liquid Filling Line