Automatic Granule Vertical Filling Packing Machine

SK–350 VFFS packing machine is an automatic vertical filling sealing machine, measured by measuring cups. It adopts high-precision motor driven the plastic laminated roll film conveying system, imported PLC program control, easy-to-operate color touch screen, an HMI interface, photoelectric automatic positioning, digital temperature control system, makes the whole machine can automatically complete a series of automatic packaging functions, such as automatic feeding, bag making, metering, weighing, filling, N2 inflation, exhaust (optional), sealing, printing (optional), counting, cutting and outputting finished products.

The photoelectric tracking adopts advanced positioning tracking, the measuring cup is accurate and stable, and the material volume range is adjustable, which makes the entire machine run very stable.

It is also possible to change the volume cup to meet the packaging of different measurement ranges, so that the whole machine can meet the measurement requirements of various materials, and the practicability is very strong.

VFFS packing machine is mainly suitable for automatic packing of granular, mixed granular powder, strip, block and other loose, non-sticky granular materials in the food, medicine, chemical and other industries,  such as pesticides, fertilizers, feeds, Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese medicine granules, premixes, washing powder, snack foods, sugar cubes, melon seeds, peanuts, salt, chicken essence, seeds, grains, hardware, puffed food, shrimp crackers , potato chips, peanuts, melon seeds, oatmeal, desiccant, sugar, tea, washing powder and other granular materials. It can achieve multiple packing functions in one machine, saving more operating costs for companies.

Rotating Measuring Cups
Model SK-350 Granule Packing Machine
Filling Range 50 – 100 g
Sealing Type back seal
Sachet Length 80 – 250 mm
Sachet Width 60 – 150 mm
Plastic Packaging Film Rolls Max. Width 350 mm
Filling Speed < 40 bags/min
Coding Type ribbon coding or steel printing coding
Power 2.3 KW
Machine Size L 1000 x W 950 x H 2750 mm