automatic vffs Machine

SF–350 vffs Machine can automatically complete all packaging process such as measuring, making bags, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, heating sealing, batch numbers coding during the packaging. English display control system, whole stainless steel structure.Our SF-350F vertical form seal machine is used for back seal pouches, bag max.width is 350mm,max.packing and sealing speed can reach to 40 bags/min.It is suitable for packaging milk powder, additives, tea powder, coffee and other ultra-fine powder or powder with high-precision packing requirements.

Set the required packaging parameters (such as filling amount, bag length, bag width, etc.) on the color touch screen, and the control system will automatically optimize and match each action to achieve the set packaging speed and accuracy.According to the different characteristics of the material, the stepper motor or servo motor controls the unloading. Our filling system has high accuracy. The bag length can be changed without exchanging other parts, very convenient to fill several sizes bags that have same width.

When packing color-coded stretch films, a complete trademark pattern can be obtained.The stretch film pulling action adopts domestic high-quality stepping motor, which is controlled by the program, and the stretch film pulling is fast, stable and accurate, and the made bag is flat without curling.The standard configuration of the heat-sealing mold is special stripes (the coarse and fine mesh can be selected according to your needs).

Packaging speed and bag length can be adjusted at any time within the rated range, no need to replace parts.Cutter molds can be customized for customers to realize products of different shapes.Part of the working cylinder adopts original imported parts to ensure its accuracy and stability.The additional device of this machine can complete functions such as flat cutting, date printing, and tearing notch.

Date Printer
Bag Former
Stretch Film Roll

What are the advantages of SF–350 vffs Machine made by Sywen?

• The whole machine is controlled by one touch screen, no manual guard is needed, and labor cost is saved. It is specially customized for fully automatic packing and sealing production.

• It can automatically complete the calibration of the set weight, and complete the weight detection and sorting of the finished products, without manual intervention in the whole packaging process.

• The machine automatically tracks the color code and completes the process of bag making, metering, filling, sealing, date printing, cutting, and conveying.

• High-sensitivity touch screen, various parameters, fast setting of function settings, zero obstacles to HMI.

Model SF-350 vffs Machine
Air consumption 0.65 mpa,2.5 m 3 /min
Bag Width 60-150 mm
Bag Length 80-250 mm
Filling Range 100-200 g
Packing Type back seal
Diameter of the stretch film roll < 400 mm
Coding Type ribbon coding or others
Packing and Sealing Speed 1-40 bags/min
Thickness of stretch film 0.04-0.08 mm
Power 2.4 KW