This model SF-280 powder pouch packing machine is used for three side seals, four side seals,s and back seal bags. Packing material is two or more layers of heat sealing laminated packaging film roll. Screw metering method, auger filling.

Equipped with plastic packaging film roll positioning photoelectric eye, ensure the packaging positioning is accurate. According to the principle of spring pressure, pneumatic cutting, the filling and sealing are more stable. One machine can complete measurement, making bags, weighing, filling, date coding, and conveying process.

High-sensitivity automatically tracking photoelectric sensor, not necessary to adjust manually after setting, the sealing and cutting size and position are accurate, and the sealing is firm and beautiful.

SF-280 Vertical Powder Pouch Packing Machine

All parts that contact with the packing materials are made of stainless steel or non-toxic materials, meeting the hygienic standards of the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. The heat sealing device adopts a four-way heating controller.

The heat seal temperature can be set in advance and the temperature can be controlled automatically to ensure a good heat balance. Packing speed and bag length can be adjusted without grade within the rated range. If the bag width is fixed, no matter what the length will be, it is not necessary to buy other parts for replacement when packing.

The length of the sachet is set by the controller of the powder pouch packing machine, which makes the adjustment of the bag length simple and convenient. It can not only be used for the filling and sealing of non-printed laminated packaging film rolls but also can be used for high-speed packing and sealing with pre-printed plastic packaging film rolls.

Model SF-280 Powder Pouch Packing Machine
Metering and Filling Device Auger
Bag Type Back seal, pillow or stick sachets
Filling Range 1-50 g
Bag Size L 40-160 mm, Width 40-120 mm
Packing and Sealing Speed Max 50 bags/min
Control System PLC control, color touch screen
Machine Body Material Stainless steel
Power Main motor 370 W, heating power 720 W
The Laminated Plastic Packaging Roll Film Material Paper/polyethylene, cellophane/polyethylene, plated aluminum/polyethylene, BOPP/polyethylene, nylon/polyethylene, and other heat sealing material
Functions make bags, fill, seal, cut, print date codes make easy tearing notches

How to use the SF-280 powder pouch packing machine?


1. Turn on the machine, waiting for the temperature to raise the setting value, then set the parameters on the touch screen like bag length, pouch width, filling, and packing speed.

Vertical Hopper

2. Put powder raw material into hopper of powder pouch packing machine manually or by screw conveyor.


3. Put the plastic packaging film roll on the reel of the pouch packing machine, and test the working conditions of the packing machine.


4. Screw automatic metering and unloading.


5. Automatic making sachets before filling, automatic sealing after filling


6. After the bag is sealed, the finished, products will be automatically cut, and will be sent out by conveying system.

Pouch Type