Sywen Packaging manufactures different models of automatic vertical form fill seal machines for granular products, it is widely used in food, hardware, agricultural products, daily chemicals, and other industries such as coffee beans, spices, seeds, rice, cookies, seeds, sugar, and irregular strips, flaky products.

The vertical form fill seal machine is a kind of vertical bagging machine, it can complete forming sachets, weighing, filling, sealing, and coding on a flat surface. The PLC computer control system is more stable and can adjust any parameters without stopping the machine. The intelligent temperature controller is used to control the temperature accurately, and ensure beautiful and smooth sealing.

Equipped with safety protection, in line with corporate management requirements. The motor is used to stretch the packaging roll film, and the positioning is more accurate. Bag making, sealing, packaging, and date printing can be done at one time. Various bag packing methods, such as three-side sealing, four-side sealing, and back-sealing bags. According to the material type and bag type requirements, the sealing pattern can be customized to meet customer requirements.