The SY–350 vertical form fill and seal machine is ideal for backside sealing, three sides sealing, or four sides sealing liquid or paste products. The whole machine has advanced design, reasonable structure, and reliable performance.

The electric motor pulls the plastic packaging film rolls, and the cylinder controls the tension of the plastic film, automatically corrects deviations, and automatically alarms to minimize consumption.

Adopting a unique constant force tension system, the plastic packaging film roll does not jump, does not run off, the bag shape is beautiful, and the laminated packaging film roll conveying speed is fast. It has a strong ability to adapt to different specifications of packing materials, and the photoelectric positioning of the bag length is accurate.

The vertical form fill and seal machine is matched with a metering device, and integrates bag making, filling, filling, printing, and counting functions. The sealing method or the metering device can be modified according to the material characteristic.

Stretch Film Roller

The laminated packaging film roll is made into a bag tube, and after filling the material, it is sealed and cut. Several actions are automatically and continuously completed, it has very high automation, no need for workers to stay by the machine all the time.

Machine Cylinder
Bag Cutting Device

Different metering pumps for different liquids. High precision and easy operation.

The machine is easy to operate, occupies a small area, easy to move.

The precise sealing frame, realizes the consistency of bag sealing and cutting.

The PLC controller can set the length, width, filling speed and accuracy of the bag.

For a same model vertical form fill and seal machine, if your sachet width is same, you can use one machine to fill different volume.

After cleaning the filling pipe of the machine and the silo, it can be used to fill other types of materials. One machine can be used for multiple purposes.

Separate circuit box is used for pneumatic control and power control. The noise is low and the circuit is more stable.

Closed mechanism to prevent dust from entering the inside of the machine.

There is a constant temperature heating system for heat sealing, ensure the stable temperature and keep temperature accuracy is +/-1°c.

Model SY-350 Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine
Operation Mode intermittent
The Plastic Laminated Packaging Film Roll Material viscous hot sealing materials, like PE, PP and other composite material
Seal Type three-side seal, four-side seal, back seal
Packing Product good fluidity liquid, high viscous liquid, paste
Metering System volumetric pump
Operation System PLC touch screen
Optional Printing Device ribbon coding, thermal transfer coding
Optional Other Bag Device tear notch, hanging hole, exhaust
The Plastic Laminated Film Roll Size W 120-350 mm, Max Diameter 300 mm
Filling Sealing Speed 30-60 bags/min
Compressed Air Consumption 0.6 CBM/Min