Vacuum Conveying System

The vacuum conveyor generates the vacuum by a vacuum pump, relies on vacuum suction to convey granular and powdery materials, it is a dust-free airtight pipeline transportation equipment. Through the air pressure difference between the vacuum and the environmental space, the gas flow in the pipeline is formed, the material in the pipe is moved to complete the transportation, widely used in various light and heavy industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, building materials, agricultural and sideline industries.

Vacuum conveying is closed pipeline transportation, this transportation method can prevent dust environmental pollution, improve the working environment, reduce environmental and personnel pollution of materials, and improve the cleanliness of workshop. It takes up a small space and can complete conveying in a narrow space, material conveying is not restricted by long or short distances. At the same time, the vacuum conveyor can reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency. It is a good conveying method of most powder, granule material.

The whole machine is powered by a whirlpool air pump, which is oil-free, water-free, and maintenance-free. The entire conveying process is completed in a completely sealed state, eliminating dust pollution. The barrel is connected by a quick-opening clamp, which is convenient and quick to disassemble and clean. Low energy consumption, low noise, and convenient control.

There is S-shaped flanging between the barrel and the barrel, which is more effective to prevent dust from overflowing. Not limited by distance and height, you can link anywhere on the production line. There is no residue in the transportation, which meets the requirements of food grade and GMP. A weighing sensor can be added to realize quantitative conveying. It can be connected with any packaging machine or screening equipment.

Automatic Vacuum Feeding Machine
Conveying Process
Model ST-ZK Vacuum Conveyor
Standard Productivity 200 KG/Hour, 400 KG/Hour, 600 KG/Hour, 800 KG/Hour, 1500 KG/Hour
Lifting Height 1 – 2 Meters (adjustable, can be customized)
Diameter x Height Dia. 180 – 430 mm, Height 850 -1400 mm