In May 2022, a U.S. agricultural products processor contacted Sywen Packaging. In order to improve the packaging efficiency, they need to purchase 2 sets of semi-automatic can sealing machines to package the canned fruit and vegetables.


Products: diced carrots, mixed fruits, wax beans, green peas, etc.
Can Material: round tin cans
Packaging Net Weight: 540g, 850g
Sealing Speed: 5 cans/min
Can Dimensions: diameter 6.5 cm x height 12.5 cm, diameter 8.5 x height 15.5cm
Requirements: should pump the vacuum before sealing the can
Vacuum Degree: -0.05 MPa


Supplied Machine:

The appearance can seal equipment is made of 304 stainless steel, which can be used for sealing round cans such as PET plastic cans, tin cans, paper cans, etc. The sealing speed is about 5-7 cans/min, and the residual oxygen content is ≤ 3%. Imported core electrical components, ensuring stable sealing performance, low noise, and smooth sealing edge.

Transparent vacuum chamber, allowing the operator to clearly see the sealing process during the sealing process. It can be used to seal the can after vacuuming, or after vacuuming, fill it with nitrogen, and seal the can finally. The can sealer can stop running immediately once press the emergency button.

In addition to placing the lid and cans by hand, pumping the vacuum or filling nitrogen are automatically controlled. When using the tin can sealing machine, the user needs to prepare an air compressor, the working pressure is ≥0.6 MPa, and the air consumption is about 60 L/min.