The Background:

In September 2022, an American snack manufacturer needed a portable packaging solution for sunflower seeds. They found Sywen Packaging and entrusted us to customize a granule VFFS machine to fill the 30 grams back-seal sachet. The filling speed should reach 18 sachets/min. Exquisite product packaging is very important to attract customers, so they require that the packaging quality should be high, and the corners and seals should be neat.

The Solution:

Through in-depth communication with the customer, it is finally determined that the suitable machine is the SK-280 vertical form fill seal machine. Equipped with 4 sets of adjustable volumetric cups, it is suitable for packaging granular materials with good fluidity and uniform particle size.

The operator only needs to pour the material into the hopper of the bucket elevator, the servo motor controls the volume cup to measure the material, and the material in the volume cup is unloaded into the bag through the rotating device, and a series of packaging steps such as sealing, cutting, batch number coding, and output is completed.

Before ordering, we used the laminated packaging film sent by the customer to make the packaging test. The filling speed, precision, and packaging quality all can meet the customer’s requirements. The final customer ordered two sets of SK-280s in December 2022.

“Sywen Packaging can always quickly establish contact with customers and help them solve problems in product packaging. For product users, it is very important to find high-quality machines and good after-sales service providers, we are glad that we choose Sywen as the right one”.