The Background:

In July 2022, a family-owned condiment manufacturer in Singapore found Sywen Packaging, they are mainly specialized in the production of mid-to-high-end condiments, including sauces, seasoning, and spices. In order to upgrade the old packaging equipment, they planned to purchase a granule VFFS machine to fill sugar. The sugar is packaged with the back-seal sachet, the filling speed must reach 8-10 sachets/minute.

The Solution:

Finally, it’s determined that the suitable machine is the SK-350 granule VFFS packing machine, volume cups for metering, stainless steel bag former, PLC and touch screen controls, 304 stainless steel structure, the actual packaging speed has reached 500-600 sachets/hour, the filling accuracy is ≤± 1 g.

The Volume Cup

“SK-350 meets all our packaging needs, stable operation, durable, Sywen can always make a quick response if we have any problem in using the machine, and help us solve them. We will keep a long-term cooperative relationship with Sywen Packaging.”