In June 2022, an American spice manufacturer contacted Sywen Packaging. They need to purchase a spice powder packing machine to fill mixed spice powder for meat.


  • Product: mixed spice powder seasoning
  • Packing: back-seal sachet
  • Sachet Size: width 8.5 cm x length 10.5 cm
  • Packaging Weight: 100 g/sachet
  • Filling Speed: 35-40 bags/min
  • Packaging Accuracy:≤ ±1%


Provided Machine:

The screw conveyor can automatically transport the raw materials into the hopper of the powder packaging machine, which greatly reduces the labor input. The automatic powder packing machine adopts a servo motor to drive the conveying system of the laminated packing film roll.

PLC program control, automatic positioning, photoelectric tracking, and PID to adjust the sealing temperature. The machine uses the specially designed screw auger as the metering device, it can be used to fill powders with good or poor fluidity in daily chemicals and food industries, such as milk powder, milk tea powder, coffee powder, pepper powder, curry powder, chicken powder, protein powder, spices, etc.

The sachet types have the three-side seal, four-side seal, or back-seal sachet, suitable for packaging PE, PP, and other heat-sealing laminated packaging roll films. The sachet-making size length is 50-280mm, width is 15-130mm. 304 stainless steel bag former, can customize the edge pattern, such as straight line, wavy line, checkerboard, etc. according to different packaging requirements.

The sachet can be customized with tear notch, hanging hole, etc. Imported electrical components ensure the smooth running of the machine. It can be equipped with a batch number coding machine to print the production batch number, production date, expiration date and other information on the packing sachet, and the printing position can be adjusted.