Spices filling machine is a special filling machine for packaging all kinds of condiments or spices. Sywen Packaging design and offer a wide range of powder, liquid or particle spices filling machines. Our spice filling packaging machine has a wide range of applications, you can pack different kinds of spice powder, granular spices, or liquid spices into bottles, cans, pre-made pouches, and small sachets.

Spices such as chili powder, natural seasoning, compound seasoning, coffee powder, ginger powder, cumin, tomato sauce, sugar, salt, soy sauce, beef sauce, sesame paste, cinnamon, pepper, dried chili, chili powder, sesame oil and etc. all can be filled by our different codes spices filling machine.

Our spice packing machine is designed with a PLC control system. All settings such as filling specifications, filling speed, filling accuracy, packaging output, and other parameters are set on the touch screen, which is very convenient to operate. All parts in contact with the materials to be packaged are made of 304 stainless steel, which meets the sanitary licensing standards of the food industry and pharmaceutical industry.