In October 2022, an Indonesian condiment manufacturer contacted Sywen Packaging. In order not to miss the niche market of condiments, the company added new sales channels and increased a portable spice powder packaging type, asking us to customize a high-speed spice powder packing machine for him.

The packaging bag is a three-sided seal sachet with zigzag cut edges and an easy-to-tear notch. The packaging weight is 12 g/sachet, the required filling speed is 45 bags/min, and the filling precision is ±1 g. When filling, the expiration date of the product needs to be printed on the sachet.


Supplied Machine:

SF-280 Vertical Powder Pouch Packing Machine

The automatic powder vertical form fill seal machine adopts an auger for metering, an intelligent PLC control system, and has fast packaging speed, and high precision. The machine is mainly made of 304 stainless steel, which can effectively prevent the material from being polluted when it is in contact with the machine.

As long as the material is conveyed into the silo, the powder packing machine can automatically complete bag making, quantitative unloading, filling, sealing, cutting, conveying finished products, and other packaging processes. The horizontal and vertical sealing of the machine adopts intelligent temperature control, which is more suitable for sealing various laminated packaging materials. Independent temperature control system, the accuracy can reach ±1°C.


In November 2022, we received the laminated packaging film roll samples from the customer and made a free packaging test. The sealing quality, filling speed, and filling accuracy can all meet the customer’s packaging requirements. On December 6, 2022, we received full payment for the customer’s order. Now the machine is in production, it is estimated delivered on Jan.27,2022.