When purchasing a spice packaging machine, do you have the following similar questions? Don’t know how to choose the right model of spice packaging machine? Which factors to consider? Don’t know if the spice packaging machine you are interested in is really suitable for your product characteristics? Is there a more suitable model…? Below is a blog to help you how to select the spice packaging machine and what are the classifications of spice packaging machines.

Different Kinds of Spices

1. What are the types of spices?

There are many types of spices, simply distinguished from the shape, there are powdered (such as pepper, garlic powder, cumin powder, chili powder, etc.), granular seasoning (such as fennel, pepper, cinnamon, chili, etc.), and sticky thick or granular liquid spices (such as garlic sauce, chili sauce, jam, beef sauce, soy sauce, etc.). There are usually three types of packaging, bottled, canned, and bagged. There are two kinds of seasonings for bag packaging: pre-made bags and plastic film bags.

2. What are the classifications of spice packaging machines?

According to the degree of automation, there are automatic spice packaging machines and semi-automatic spice packaging machines.

According to the principle of filling, there is a piston seasoning filling machine, the auger spice powder filling machine, and the spice weighing packaging machine.

According to the different packing methods, there are spice bottle filling machines, filling spice filling machines, pre-made/stand-up pouches spice filling packaging machines, and small sachets spice filling machines.

3. How to choose a suitable code spice packaging machine?

(1). Cost Budget

Although for the same mode packaging machine, the price of different configurations is different. But semi-automatic machines are cheaper than fully automatic machines.

(2). The amount of the filling output and the size of the number of product specifications.

If the filling demand for a certain series of products is not that big, and the product specifications and container types are relatively more, then more consider a semi-automatic spice packaging machine.

If the filling specification is relatively single, but the filling output is relatively large, then consider using a fully automatic spice packaging machine.

(3). Packing Method

Is the product bottled, bagged, or canned? Some filling machines can only be used to fill bottles, cans, or bags, some machines are only suitable for single-size and single-type containers, and some machines do not have many restrictions on the types of containers.

(4). Land Area

Some filling machines are relatively long, some packaging machines are relatively tall. When communicating with the filling machine manufacturer, don’t forget to consider the size and height of the machine.

(5). Compatibility with other machines.

When buying a spice packaging machine, there must be some other types of filling machines in your workshop, such as labeling machines, capping machines, and can sealing machines. Can this filling machine be well connected with other machines? Cooperate with each other to complete the whole packaging work? For example, whether its speed can keep up with other machines?

(6). How about the professional knowledge of the manufacturer or supplier?

Each manufacturer has its own most mature products, and it is impossible to be good at manufacturing and designing all types of packaging machines. When inquiring about the seasoning packaging machine, ask more if the manufacturer has done a similar packaging solution.

In addition, if the manufacturer is not professional and has limited industry experience, he may recommend a filling machine that is not suitable for your product characteristics. Therefore, when communicating with the manufacturer or supplier, consider his professionalism.

In Conclusion

When purchasing a spice packaging machine, be sure to communicate more with the manufacturer, tell them your detailed filling requirements, and let them recommend the most suitable model for you.