The Background:

In December 2022, Sywen Packaging was contacted by a family-run condiment manufacturer in the United States. In one production shift, they need to fill 50g, 80g and 120g of pepper powder into round glass bottles, the filling speed should reach 900-1000 bottles/hour. In order to update the outdated packaging equipment, they entrusted us to customize an automatic packaging solution for the spice powder. The spice filling machine should be able to connect well with other existing packaging equipment in the workshop.

The Solution:

After deep communication with the customer, we provided two sets of spice packaging equipment, that is Bottle Loading Turntable and SF-ZX Automatic Powder Filling Machine. According to the characteristics of spice powder, the packaging machine uses a pressurized auger as the metering device to avoid the problem of material blocking during the unloading process. Vibration filling ensures the uniformity of material filling in the bottle.

The height of the filling machine and the width of the conveyor belt are customized according to other packaging machines to ensure that the packaging machine and other machines can be connected well. There is no need to replace any accessories, one machine can fill three specifications of spice, and different packaging specifications can be quickly switched. Just manually place the empty bottles on the round turntable, and the machine can complete the automatic filling.

“At the beginning, although we had some concerns about changing the packaging equipment manufacturer. During the communication process, the service of the Sywen Packaging team made us convinced of this cooperation! The fact has proved that we have made a correct decision.”