In April 2022, a seasoning manufacturer from Colorado, USA contacted Sywen Packaging. With the increase in sales orders, they plan to upgrade the outdated packaging equipment and need to purchase an automatic powder filling machine to package mixed spices for the trial order.


  • Product: mixed spice powder(a blend of garlic, cumin, onion, herbs, pepper, and spices)
  • Packing: glass bottles, PP bottles
  • Packaging Weight: 68g, 95g, 125g, 219g.
  • Filling Speed: 15-20 bottles/min
  • Filling Accuracy: ≤1%


  • Different filling specifications can be quickly switched(not necessary to replace complicated accessories).
  • The filling head should be equipped with a dustproof device.
  • The automatic powder filling machine is more compatible with the bottle sizes.
  • Use a bottle-loading turntable instead of the manual placement of empty bottles on the conveyor belt of the powder filling machine.


Supplied Machines:

Empty bottles are manually placed on the table of the circular turntable, and the bottles will be automatically transported to the filling station with the rotary motion. When the hopper of the powder filling machine is short of material, the screw conveyor will automatically convey the material, and automatically stop feeding when the material is full.

SF-ZX is an automatic powder filling machine with a linear structure, which can be used to fill bottles, jars, or cans. It is driven by a servo motor, the screw auger for unloading. The filling head can be equipped with a leak-proof and dust-proof device. Its advantage is that one machine can fill bottles of various shapes and sizes.