In May 2022, a famous spice brand manufacturer with over 10 years in the United States contacted Sywen Packaging. With the increase in business volume, they built a new spice packaging workshop and needed to purchase an automatic spice bottle labeling machine.


  • Product: ground rosemary powder
  • Labeling Type: one label three sides labeling
  • Bottle Type: square glass bottle
  • Label Material: self-adhesive label
  • Bottle Size: dia.6.5 cm x height 8.3 cm
  • Labeling Speed: 25-40 bottles/min
  • Labeling Accuracy: ±1 mm


  • After the label is pasted, it should be flat and avoid the generation of air bubbles.
  • The sticking position of the label can be adjusted slightly.
  • The whole machine should run stably and can cooperate well with the filling machine and capping machine.
  • The machine stops running or has an alarm when short of label rolls.


Supplied Machine: ST-F-3M Automatic Square Bottle Labeling Machine

The automatic labeling machine can automatically paste self-adhesive paper labels or self-adhesive plastic films on the bottle bodies of square glass or plastic bottles. It has a label positioning function, a servo motor drives the label rolls to ensure the smooth conveying of the label paper.

The machine adopts an imported famous brand photoelectric switch as the induction detection device. When there is no bottle or no label, stop labeling automatically. After the label is pasted, after the compaction and extrusion by the scraper and roller, the label is flat and not blistered.