In Augest 10, 2021, a seasoning powder seller and manuafacturer on Amazon from Indiana State, USA contacted Sywen Packaging, asked us to customize a spice powder bottle packaging solution for the newly launched chili powder.


  • Packaging Weight: 7.62 Ounces, 16 Ounces, 18 Ounces.
  • Packing: glass bottle
  • Bottle Size: ID 5.3 x Height 14.6 cm, ID 6.5 x Height 17.5 cm, ID 7.2 x Height 20.2 cm
  • Weight Precision: ≤3‰
  • Filling Speed: 15 bottles/min


  • The filling accuracy of the screw auger measured manual powder filling machine can only reach ≤1%. In order to reach the required filling precision, the machine should be designed as a weighing and filling type powder filling machine.
  • The machine should have better compatibility with different bottle diameters.


Recommended Machine Models:

ST-F screw conveyor can continuously transfer the material into the hopper of the powder filling machine.

SF-02 is the model with the least restrictions on the packing method among all semi-automatic powder packaging machine models, which can fill jars, bottles, premade pouches, stand-up pouches and etc.

The screw augers equipped with the machine are specially designed for filling spice powder, which can perfectly solve the unsmooth unloading for common screw augers.

Compared with the SF-02 standard configuration manual powder filling machine, the customized one reduces the calibration scale and designs the weighing module directly in the tray where the bottles are placed.