In July 2022, a start-up food and beverage manufacturer in the United States contacted Sywen Packaging. They needed to purchase a semi-automatic electric can sealing machine to seal beverages in cans, and the sealing speed should reach 800-1200 bottles/minute.


Product: soda water
Packaging Specification: 335 ML/can
Packaging: two-piece alumina can
Can Dimensions: diameter 6 cm x height 14.5 cm
Sealing Speed: 15-20 cans/min


Supplied Machine:

This can seaming machine is mainly used for leak-free sealing of the can lid (or can bottoms) and bottle bodies for round metal cans, plastic cans, tinplate cans, aluminum cans, and paper cans. It adopts a single-head independent hob for electric sealing, and the sealing quality is high and the sealing speed is fast.

It is suitable for sealing two-piece cans or three-piece cans of different materials in the food, chemical, health care products, and other industries, the can height is 40-200mm and the diameter is 50-153 mm. During the filling process, the can tray automatically rises and falls, and the can body does not rotate, which can prevent the material in the can from scattering.

The first roller and the second roller are double-hemmed to ensure the tightness of the seal. The roller is made of 440C stainless steel, the lifetime is more than 5-6 million times of sealing. Microcomputer control, with automatic counting function.

The semi-automatic can sealing machine is equipped with a knife holder guard to ensure the safety of the operator. The height of the can tray can be adjusted, which can be used to seal cans of the same diameter with different heights, and the sealing speed can reach 20-30 cans/min.

The machine adopts a high-quality thickened rotating shaft, which can effectively protect the operation of the motor, it is not easy to rust and has a long service life. 304 stainless steel machine body, not easy to rust which is convenient for daily cleaning and maintenance.