Sywen Packaging is a professional manufacturer of snack packaging machines. There are many types of snacks, it’s one of today’s fast-moving consumer goods and people’s favorite foods in their leisure time. The major categories of snack foods include dried fruits, puffed fried foods, candies, meat food, etc. The main packing forms are pre-made pouch packing, packaging, plastic film roll packing, and cans packing.

With the changes in people’s diet and consumption concepts and the emergence of humanized needs, everyone has more and more demand for snack food, the food packaging issues that are closely related to it have also become the focus of consumers’ attention. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend in the snack food packaging industry to efficiently and high-quality fulfill the packaging requirements of snack foods and improve the automation of food packaging production lines.

Different Snacks

Our snack packaging machine can automatically fill nuts, corn flakes, banana chips, raisins, oatmeal, peanuts, pistachios, popcorn, almonds, dried fruit, beef jerky, melon seeds, and other flaky and granular foods. The automatic snack packaging machine replaces manual packaging and realizes packaging automation for large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises. The packaging range of the machine is wide, and it meets the hygienic standards of food processing machinery. The parts on the machine that is in contact with materials or packing bags are used stainless steel material or other f00d-grate materials, which meet the food hygiene requirements are processed to ensure food hygiene and safety. Easy operation, advanced PLC touch screen, and electrical control system, friendly man-machine interface, easy operation, low packaging material loss.

Compared with traditional snack food packaging machines, automatic food packaging equipment has great advantages in many advantages. First of all, traditional food packaging machinery requires a lot of manual operation in actual production. It is inevitable that there will be inadequate control and improper operation, which may easily cause food pollution or safety problems. The automated snack food packaging machinery and equipment apply sensor technology, which can detect impurities and various food parameters in the packaging line, and quickly eliminate unqualified products, reduce the difficulty coefficient of food packaging control and improve the safety factor of food production.

Automatic Snack Filling Packaging Machine

Food packaging machinery is playing an increasingly important role in the snack food industry. Food packaging equipment is becoming increasingly competitive, and food packaging machinery and equipment that are low-consumption, high-efficiency, multi-functional, and highly automated are increasingly favored by the snack industry. Automated snack food packaging machinery uses computer design and mechatronics control, to continuously assist manufacturers to increase productivity and ensure the safety factor of food packaging.