The Background:

Sywen Packaging was approached by a food company, they are looking for a highly automatic packaging solution for a 2.5 KG snack with a back-seal side-gusset pouch. The customer used pre-made pouches before, in order to save the cost of packing materials, they plan to use laminated packaging film rolls to package the snack bar, the speed should reach 6-8 bags/min.

The Solution:

Sywen Packaging provides a complete snack bar packaging solution for them, the system including ST-K-QX bucket elevator and SK-520 automatic VFFS machine. According to the client’s specific packaging needs, SK-520 uses a linear weigher for weighing and filling, servo-motor drives, and 304 stainless steel bag former, the packaging bag is well formed and beautiful. With the help of the VFFS machine, the cost of the customer’s packing material is one time less than before.