1. The demand for special flour and small-package flour continues to increase

Wheat is the most widely distributed and largest food crop in the world. At present, the main wheat-producing areas are still concentrated in Asia, with China and India as the main producing areas, followed by the European region, which also accounts for a large proportion of global wheat production. Most of the wheat is used for food, and a small part is used for industrial consumption and feed consumption. Therefore, wheat plays an important role in global food production, trade, and even food security issues.

The “flour” we often say refers to the flour that is ground from wheat. Modern flour production technology is becoming more and more developed, and people’s daily diet is becoming more and more diversified, a single variety of flour has gradually been unable to satisfy people’s taste.

According to performance and use, wheat flour is divided into special flour, general flour, and nutrient-fortified flour (such as calcium-enriched flour, iron-rich flour, etc.). Common types of flour in daily life include white flour, whole white flour, bread flour, bleached flour, unbleached flour, bleached flour, all-purpose flour, bread flour, self-rising flour, pastry flour, and so on.

Whole Black Wheat Flour

At present, among all the types of flour, the nutritional value of whole wheat flour is the highest in comparison, but in the past, because of the rough taste of whole wheat flour, most people didn’t like it very much. In recent years, because of its relatively high nutritional value, it can bring various nutrients to people and make people healthier, so they have gradually come into people’s field of vision.

The vitamin content in whole wheat flour is also very high. In addition, its trace elements such as calcium, iron, and zinc are also favored by many people. It can be said that whole wheat flour is the flour with the highest nutritional value among several common flours in the market.

The flour processing industry is an intermediate link in the flour industry chain, there is a great demand for special flour and rapid development. Through reasonable flour production and processing technology, the flour can achieve certain physical, chemical, and grain biochemical characteristics, and provide multi-purpose types of flour for downstream different pasta food processing industries (such as baking, instant noodles, udon noodles, and pasta production).

Although the global demand and consumption of flour are relatively stable, with the continuous upgrading of the consumption structure, especially the penetration of small-package flour into the household market, the retail attribute of flour has been strengthened day by day. In the future, it is foreseeable that more flour production companies will withdraw from specialized, high-end flour products that meet retail demand.

2. Widest filling range, low-cost flour powder filling machine-small manual flour powder filling machine

Which kind of flour packaging machine has the widest filling range? The price is also low? That is the semi-automatic small flour powder filling machine. With the advancement of science and technology, the production of food powder has become more and more standardized, and automatic flour powder packaging machines account for an increasing proportion of the food powder packaging industry, but semi-automatic powder filling machines are still irreplaceable. The main reasons are:

(1). The manual flour packing machine is low in cost, but can fill the most packing specifications. Some models of manual powder filling machines have no restrictions on packaging methods. One machine can pack pre-made pouches, bottles, cans, etc.

(2). The automatic flour powder filling machine is suitable for packaging a single product specification with large output. For flour producers, there are usually a variety of specifications and types of flour types, and the packaging demand for each specification and flour type is different. If a certain category of your product does not require that high filling output, then the semi-automatic flour filling machine can be used as a supplement to the automatic flour packing machine, so small manual flour powder packing machine is suitable for small batch production of certain specifications.

(3). Flour manufacturers usually produce multiple types of flour, such as wheat flour, multi-grain flour, soy flour, etc. When changing the type of flour, the filling machine needs to be cleaned. Because the semi-automatic flour packaging machine has a small body and a simple structure, it is easier to clean than a fully automatic powder packaging machine.

(4). Small semi-automatic flour powder packing machine, it occupies a small area, is convenient to clean the machine, and has low energy consumption. For most ordinary food powders, the filling speed of the small semi-automatic powder filling machine is not always slower than the filling speed of the fully automatic powder packaging machine. The biggest advantage of the automatic flour packaging machine is to save labor.

3. What are the classifications of small manual flour powder filler machines?

Our small semi-automatic powder packaging machine is mainly used for packaging 5-5000g, 5KG-50KG powder materials. When purchasing a small semi-automatic powder filling machine, choose the appropriate model mainly depends on the packaging type and filling specifications.

  • If your product is packaged in premade bags and the packaging specification is 1KG-5KG, we recommend that you use the SF-JD semi-automatic powder weighing filling machine. Compared with SF-02, the filling precision of SF-JD is higher for packing powders in premade pouches above 1KG.
  • If fill 5KG-50KG flour, it is recommended to use the SF-50 manual flour packaging machine. It is specially designed to pack the flour in large packages. Depending on the bag type, it can be equipped with a sewing machine or a PVC bag heat sealing machine.

4. How to choose a suitable small flour packaging machine?

(1). Determine the configuration of the machine according to the characteristics of the powder material.

The flour workshop is easy to produce dust during the production, and the generation of dust is accompanied by the entire processing process. If the dust is not controlled and allowed to fly freely, it will not only pollute the workshop and the surrounding environment, and endanger human health, but also be prone to explosion fire accidents and cause irreparable losses. Therefore, when purchasing a flour filling machine, we must first consider the dust-proof configuration of the packaging machine.

Our small manual flour filling machine is equipped with a double dust-proof design. First of all, there is an exhaust port at the upper end of the silo cover, which can prevent flour powder dust from leaking out and can also play a role in exhausting air.

The silo of the semi-automatic powder filling machine is filled with powder. When the materials are stirred, air will be generated and accumulated to a certain extent, the air pressure in the hopper is inconsistent with the air pressure outside the silo, which will affect the filling accuracy and filling speed. We add a dustproof cloth cover at the connection part of the screw conveyor and the manual powder filling machine, which plays the dual role of dust prevention and exhaust.

The Dust-proof Cover
Dust-proof design of the machine

Secondly, dust will also appear when the flour is unloaded from the hopper. Our small manual flour powder packing machine is equipped with a dust-proof pipe at the discharge port, the pipe is used for connecting with the dust collector.

(2). Choose the machine model according to the type of product packaging. You need a machine that can only fill bags or can fill all kinds of bottles, cans, and bags.

(3). Don’t forget to choose the appropriate small semi-automatic powder filling machine according to the size of the plant area. When communicating with the powder filling machine manufacturer or supplier, do not forget to confirm the appearance size of the machine.

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