1. The global instant coffee market is growing steadily year by year

Traditional coffee is limited by the cooking machine, manpower, time, the making process is more complicated, the emergence of instant coffee products break the limitation. If you want to drink a cup of coffee anytime, you can drink it with a flush of hot water, just need to pour hot water and you can drink it. Because of its affordable price, convenience, and low transportation costs, the consumer demand for instant coffee has been steadily increasing.

Manually brewed coffee is extracted with hot water. In order to increase the extraction rate, instant coffee has special requirements for temperature and pressure. For example, the water temperature must reach 175℃, the higher the water temperature, the faster the extraction speed and the higher the extraction rate. The extracted substances will be different from freshly brewed coffee, so the taste will be different from traditional coffee. The coffee liquid obtained by extraction, after concentration and drying, becomes instant coffee powder.

3 in 1 Coffee Mix

According to the report of The Expresswire, the global instant coffee market is valued at USD 25.68 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 34.6 billion by the end of 2026, with a compound annual growth rate of 4.3% from 2021 to 2026. Calculated by consumption, Europe (sales market share 37%) is the world’s largest consumer country of instant coffee, followed by China (sales market share of 12%) and the United States (sales market share of 11%).

2. Why is 3-in-1 coffee popular?

According to different drying processes, instant coffee is divided into spray drying and freeze-dried instant coffee. Between them, spray-dried instant coffee is in a dominant position, because it is cheaper than freeze-dried coffee. “Three-in-one coffee” refers to a mixture of creamer, sugar, and coffee, it is a kind of instant coffee. Although the instant coffee mix is not as mellow as pure coffee made by grinding coffee beans directly, however, compared to ground coffee, instant coffee mix still has many advantages.

First of all, the instant coffee mix is very convenient, it can be drunk directly by brewing it. It does not require too much professional coffee knowledge, does not affected by cooking applications, thus greatly improving the acceptance of the public. Secondly, compared with ground coffee, the cost of instant coffee is greatly reduced, and it is more suitable for business negotiation, catering hotels, self-service drinking, and other economic, leisure, and entertainment venues.

2. What are the advantages of 3 in 1 coffee stick packs?

The coffee packaging bag is the outer garment when coffee is sold. It not only has the function of protecting the product intact, but also has the effect of avoiding the influence of many factors and destroying the quality of coffee. The packaging bag is also the first choice for customers when choosing and purchasing. The visual information that one sees directly affects the purchase decision of consumers.

In all the flexible plastic packaging of food and beverage, the application of stick packaging is very extensive, it has the following advantages:

(1). Convenient to carry

The coffee stick packs are small in size, so you can carry them easily whether you are traveling or working on a business trip. Because the side of the bag has a tear notch, you can easily tear it open without using any tools and pour the coffee powder into the cup.

(2). Convenient to control the amount

Big specifications (like Premade pouches, bottles, and cans)instant coffee will enter the air every time when it is opened, which will affect the freshness and shelf life of the coffee. However, a single stick pack has a small dosage and can be used up every time when it is opened. In the process of brewing instant coffee, consumers can easily control the dosage, and can accurately dispense coffee powder without using a spoon or a small electronic food scale.

Coffee Mix Stick Packs

(3). Many options for customizing the size of the coffee packaging bag

The same series of 3 in 1 instant coffees usually have different flavors, but different types or flavors of the instant coffee mix can be designed into the same bag size, allowing consumers to buy and try more different products. If the width of the stick sachet is the same, but the length is different, you can use the same automatic vertical form and seal machine to fill it.

(4). Differentiated packaging to increase competitiveness

The stick sachet has enough space to display the information of the manufacturer, brand information, usage methods, graphics, patterns, etc. to improve competitiveness, and it can also increase competition in other details of the bag. For example, by adding a functional tear notch on one side of the sachet, the sachet can choose the linear, checkerboard, or wave sealing pattern.

(5). The packaging cost is economical

Compared with other three-side-sealed pouches, four-side-sealed pouches, bottom-gusset bags, and side-gusset bags, stick packs use fewer packaging materials, and the utilization rate of packaging materials is high, and the transportation is very convenient. If it is a new product on the market, and you are not sure about the customer’s acceptance, you can use stick packaging with a relatively small input cost.

4. What kind of packaging machine is used for stick packs?

3 in 1 coffee is an instant coffee made with a high-temperature extraction process, which means that the extracted coffee liquid is sprayed into small water droplets through a nozzle. In the process of falling from a high place in a high-temperature drying chamber, the water is evaporated and turned into dry powder and falls. So 3 in 1 instant coffee should be packaged with the VFFS small coffee packaging machine.

The small coffee packaging machine is an automatic vertical powder sachet filling and sealing machine. It is measured and filled with an auger, usually used for packaging powder materials with good or poor fluidity. It can be equipped with an automatic feeding machine, realize the fully automated packaging that does not require any manual assistance.

SF-280 Automatic Coffee Powder Stick Packing Machine

The raw material of the stick pack is the laminated plastic packaging film roll. The packaging machine can complete automatic weighing, automatic feeding, automatic packaging, and automatic cutting of the stick sachet. The machine adopts a well-known foreign brand PLC control system, and all filling parameters are set in the touch screen, which is convenient and quick.

High-density photoelectric color mark tracking, and digital input of the sealing and cutting position, make the sealing and cutting position more accurate. The pulling power of the plastic laminated packaging roll film is controlled by a servo motor, which makes the pulling easier and more accurate to control the sachet length. The horizontal seal is also driven by a servo motor so that it has no impact and low noise when running.

SF-280 Measuring Device

The opening stroke can be controlled at will, and the sealing pressure can be adjusted arbitrarily. It can be applied to various thicknesses and complex packaging materials. The small coffee packaging machine can make sachets, measure and fill coffee powder, heat sealing the stick sachet, and automatic coding. Borrowing the principle of spring pressure, it is pneumatic slitting, even the cutting of linking bags is very stable.

The optional function is changing different cutting knives to realize different sealing patterns. The corners of the stick packs can be cut into rounded or right-angled types. With automatic alarm function, such as the door is not closed, the roll film is off-track, no roll film, no ribbon, etc. If the single-lane powder stick packaging machine is slow, you can consider using a multi-lane coffee stick packaging machine.

Bag Length Cutting System

The above is an in-depth analysis of the market size, development trend, advantages, and the type of packaging machine used for the three-in-one instant coffee stick packs. If you have any questions in the process of filling blending or other types of instant coffee, please consult us for free! Sywen Packaging is a professional small coffee packaging machine manufacturer. Regardless of whether the instant coffee is granular or powder, we can recommend the most suitable model and configuration coffee filling machine for you.

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