In July 2022, a food packaging machine importer in Singapore contacted Sywen Packaging. One of their customers needed a small manual can sealing machine to package ready-to-eat food products, and the sealing speed should reach 800-1000 cans/hour. When sealing the can, try to avoid spilling the liquid in the can.


Product: green beans
Packing: round metal can
Packing Weight: 155 g/can
Can size: diameter 6 mm x height 12.2 cm
Sealing Speed: 10-20 cans/min


Supplied Machine:

 SFG-FXZ Semi-automatic Can Seaming Machine

Application Scope: round cans with a diameter of 45-150mm and a height of 40-250mm, such as plastic cans, metal cans, paper cans, etc. (other sizes should be special customization)

This can seal machine is suitable for the packaging and sealing of different kinds of round cans, such as granular solids, powders, liquids, sauces, paste, etc., and the sealing part is smooth, without burrs, and without leakage. The height of the whole machine is about 1.42 meters, the structure is simple and compact, and the floor area is small. Using the lighting power supply, one person can complete the operation, which is very suitable for small business production, single-piece production, and small batch production.

Manually put the jar with the lid on the lower tray stand, step on the foot switch or press the can sensor switch, the can tray is driven by the motor cam, and the bracket is driven to fix the can above the mold. Due to the action of the side swing arm cam, the first knife compresses, rolls the can cover first. When the cam rotates half a turn, the second swing knife arm begins to compress and press the lid again, and the average sealing speed is between 15-30 cans/minutes.