In May 2022, a U.S seasoning and spice manufacturer contacted Sywen Packaging. They plan to increase the portable packaging for a seasoning paste, so need to purchase an automatic liquid sachet vertical form fill seal machine. The bag made by the liquid pouch packing machine should be tidy, flat, and tightly sealed.


Product: chili shrimp paste (the material is viscous and the fluidity is poor)
Packing: printed laminated packaging film rolls
Pouch Type: three-side seal pouch with tear notch
Packaging Weight: 23 g
Filling Speed: 25-30 packs/min
Filling Accuracy: ±2 g
Production Batch Number Coding Type: ribbon coding


Supplied Machine:

The liquid packaging machine adopts a 304 stainless steel piston pump for metering and filling, servo-driven, ensuring the whole machine runs stably. The maximum width of the roll film is 280mm, the length of the sachet is 30-130mm, and the measuring range is 0-100 ML.

The anti-drip filling head can avoid sauce or paste dripping on the sealing part and affecting the tightness of the sealing. Sachet types are three-side sealing, stick pack, four-side sealing, back-seal, or other special-shaped sachets. If the sachet width is the same, different sachet length, all can be packed with one machine.


The actual filling precision is ± 1 g, the client is satisfied with the packaging quality, efficiency of the machine, and our service.