Before Purchasing

Before customers buy a machine, the most important thing is to determine the most suitable machine for their packaging needs and budget. We will give customers the most professional packaging advice.

(1). Refer to the actual packaging case

If you are not sure which machine you need, you can refer to some of our actual packaging cases. In the past 10 years, we have made hundreds of packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, daily chemical, veterinary, and agricultural industries. Through actual packaging cases, you can not only learn about the latest industry trends but also can also find the most suitable machine configuration for your product.

(2). Customize unique packaging solutions

According to your product characteristics, specific packaging requirements such as production output, filling accuracy, packaging speed, and floor space, we can customize a number of unique filling solutions for you. For example, if your powder material has a large amount of dust during the filling process, we can install multiple dust-proof devices in the unloading part of the machine.

(3). Only recommend the most suitable machine for customers, not the most expensive machine

Each machine is designed with the most suitable packaging materials, packaging speed, and filling accuracy. For example, some machine models are suitable for packaging stand-up pouches, some are suitable for filling small doses of powder, and some are suitable for filling highly viscous liquids. If there are several models of machines that can meet your filling needs, we will help you analyze which is the most suitable machine for your budget and packaging needs, rather than the most expensive one. Put the interests of customers first!

(4). Make Free Packaging Test

Making testing is the most important way to check whether the filling effect is good or bad! Before purchasing the machine, we can do the filling test for customers for free. If your material is special, the formula is complicated, or you have not found a suitable packaging machine, please send the material and packaging container to us, we will communicate with you after the test and tell you what special order the machine needs, and make a detailed and final quotation for you.

After Purchasing

(1). After the customer has paid the advance payment, in order to reassure the customer, we will promptly send the latest production status of the machine to the customer, and inform the customer in advance whether the delivery date is advanced or delayed.

(2). Cooperate with customers to make some import documents, such as certificate of origin, quality inspection report, etc.

Before Shipping

(1). Relevant departments of the factory will conduct quality inspections

The quality inspection of the machine mainly includes the quality inspection of the appearance, circuit, and function of the machine. Whether the appearance of the machine is tidy, whether there are burrs or obvious depressions, and whether the welding seam is tight and firm, whether the circuit installation of the machine is wrong, whether the configuration and function of the machine are complete. Each machine has a quality inspection record before shipment. If it fails, it will return to the relevant part and amend it again.

(2). Test machine before shipping

Each machine is tested for at least 8-10 hours before shipment, and the machine’s running video will be sent to the customer.

(3). Check

Before packing, carefully check the delivery documents, check whether the machine configuration is correct and whether the relevant accessories are well equipped.

Using Machine

(1). Each machine has a text version and a video version of the operating instructions. After the customer receives the machine, there will be free installation or use instructions.

(2). Regularly return visits to customers by email or phone, and ask if there are any problems with the machine during use.

(4). The warranty period of the machine is calculated from the time the customer receives the machine, and the warranty period is 18 months. If the machine is damaged due to quality problems (except for man-made damage or improper operation) during usage, we will be responsible for the maintenance or compensation of the machine free of charge. For example, send out related accessories for free, and compensate customers for repair costs.