In April 2022, a spice manufacturer from Pennsylvania, USA contacted Sywen Packaging. The company’s main products include cumin powder, garlic powder, nutmeg powder, and other spices. Because the packaging output of the spice powder is not high, so he plans to purchase a semi-automatic powder filling machine for the trial order.


  • Filling Range: 1.2 KG -2 KG
  • Packing: four-side seal premade pouches
  • Filling Precision: ±≤3‰
  • Packaging Speed: 10-15 bags/min


  • The spice powder is fluffy and poor free-flowing.
  • There are many packaging specifications and bag sizes.
  • One machine can fill several packaging specifications without exchanging any accessories.


Recommended Machine Models:

The SF-T powder conveyor can continuously transport raw materials into the hopper of the semi-automatic powder filling machine, and intelligently stop or start feeding, which can instead of frequently adding materials manually.

SF-JD semi-automatic powder packing machine is specially designed for filling powder with pre-made pouches, such as three-side seal pouches, four-side seal pouches, back seal pouches, and zipper pouches, stand-up pouches, side-gusseted pouches and etc.

It adopts a high-precision weighing sensor for measuring, a screw auger for unloading. According to the characteristics of spice powder, the machine is equipped with a pressurized screw auger to avoid the problems of material blocking and inaccurate filling accuracy during the packaging process.

Manually put the bag under the discharge port, the pneumatic stainless steel clamp will automatically clamp the bag to start measuring and filling, the operation is very simple. Filling 1KG-5KG powder, it is not necessary to replace any accessories, the maintenance and repair cost is very low.