On June 15, 2021, Sywen Packaging received an inquiry from Australia for a semi-automatic powder pouch filling machine. The content is as follows:

We are an importer and distributor of packaging equipment. Now we help customers find a semi-automatic food additive powder pouch packaging machine and pre-made pouch sealing equipment. The packaging specification is 1000 g/bag. Please quote the best FOB price.

Our reply on June 15, 2021:

What is the mush size of the food additives? Please send us the picture and size of the sample bag.

Customer’s email on June 16, 2021:

The customer’s product is a galactomannan, a white powder, about 90 mesh. The packaging bag is a back-sealed flat pouch made of composite material, 35cm long and 20cm wide.

Back-Seal Plastic Pouch Sample

Galactomannan is made of guar beans, sesame beans, coumadin, cassia seeds, etc. as raw materials. After a series of enzymatic hydrolysis, hydrolysis, and other processes, it is a food additive with high solubility and high stability that can be highly fermented by the intestinal flora.

Galactomannan is similar to a white powder, odorless, tasteless, acid and salt resistant, and has good thermal stability, soluble in water, transparent aqueous solution, neutral, and has a very low viscosity.

Our reply on June 17, 2021:

The size of the powder is about 90 mesh, which is similar to that of flour. How about its free-flowing?

Customer’s email on June 22, 2021:

Its free-flow is similar to flour, not particularly bad.

Our reply on June 23, 2021:

What is the required filling speed and accuracy?

Customer’s email on June 25, 2021:

6-7 bags per minute, the filling accuracy error of each bag is about 3 grams.

Our reply on June 28, 2021:

The required filling accuracy is relatively high. We recommend to you the SF-JD semi-automatic powder pouch weighing and filling machine, the filling accuracy error of each bag is less than 3 g for 1 KG powder, and the filling speed can reach 8- 10 bags/minute, it is widely used for packaging various types of pre-made pouches, such as flat bottom bags, stand up pouches, three-side seal pouch, four-sides seal pouches, side-gusset pouches, etc.

When filling, the bag is manually placed under the discharge port, and the stainless steel clip at the discharge port will clip the bag, weighing and filling. After reaching the target weight, the stainless steel clip will automatically release the packaging bag. The stainless steel clamps are driven pneumatically, so when using this semi-automatic powder bag packaging machine, customers need to prepare an air compressor.

Regarding the pouch sealing equipment, we recommend you the SFK-ML manual pouch sealing machine. The sealing width is 5-14mm, and the sealing length is unlimited. It is suitable for continuously sealing aluminum foil bags and plastic bags in the medicine, pesticide, food, daily chemical, food, and other industries. This semi-automatic plastic bag sealing machine has the advantages of small size, simple structure, firm sealing, low power consumption, and convenient maintenance.

Customer’s email on July 2, 2021:

What kind of coding type is the bag sealing machine?

Our reply on July 3, 2021:

There are two types of coding, one is ribbon coding, and the other is hot-pressed steel stamp coding. Which one is more suitable for customers’ packaging bags?

Customer’s email on July 5, 2021:

The customer’s bag has always used ribbon coding. Please quote the best FOB price including one set manual powder pouch filling machine and two sets of pouch sealing machines.

Our reply on July 6, 2021:

Because the packaging specification is more than 200g, the manual powder bag filling machine should use an automatic screw conveyor for automatically conveying.

The attached quotation contains a total of 4 sets of machines, one set SF-JD semi-automatic powder bag packaging machine, one set of automatic powder screw conveying machines, and two sets of semi-automatic pouch sealing machines. The delivery time is one week.

In the next month, we further communicated on the usage, filling accuracy, filling accuracy, machine size, quality warranty, and after-service, we finally received the full payment for the customer’s order on August 19, 2021. The production was completed on August 25, 2021.

We sent the test video, machine appearance, and other detailed pictures of the machine to the customer before shipping, the machine was sent to the port of destination in Qingdao, China on September 2, 2021, and the customer received them on October 20, 2021.

After receiving the machine, our technicians gave him video instructions when installing and adjusting the machine. The machine has been used for almost a month, and the customer is very satisfied with the packaging performance and after-sales service.

If you are looking for semi-automatic powder pouch filling machinery or equipment, and want to know about the configuration, application, filling accuracy, and speed of the machine, we hope the above packaging case can give you some help and reference.

Sywen Packaging is a professional semi-automatic powder pouch filling machine manufacturer and supplier. Our semi-automatic powder bag packaging machines can be used to fill premade pouch powders with good or poor free-flowing in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, daily chemical, and other industries. The filling range has 5 g-5000 g, 1000 g-5000 g, and 5 KG-50 KG. According to the different requirements of filling speed and accuracy, it can be made into two configurations, screw auger measuring or weighing system measuring. If you need any free, professional advice on powder pouch packaging, please contact us immediately!