On October 5, 2021, Sywen Packaging received an inquiry from Vietnam about the semi-automatic fine powder filling machine. The content is as follows:

We need a semi-automatic powder packaging machine for filling starch powder in kraft paper bags, please make a quote.

Our reply on October 6, 2021:

What kind of crop starch is it?

The customer’s email on October 7, 2021:

Our semi-automatic powder packaging machine is suitable for packaging ordinary powders and fine powders with good or poor free-flowing. There is no problem with filling corn starch, we have many same packaging cases.

What is the packaging specification? What is the required filling accuracy error of each bag?

The customer’s email on October 11, 2021:

450 grams/bag, the required filling accuracy is about 5 g per bag.

Our reply on October 12, 20121:

According to the required filling accuracy, we recommend you the auger metering semi-automatic powder filling machine, the filling accuracy can reach ≤ 1%, the filling error of each pack is less than 5 g for 450 g.

Corn starch is a kind of fine powder, the density is higher than wheat flour. It has better fluidity and finer powdery particles. Therefore, when choosing a semi-automatic corn starch powder filling machine, the buyer must consider the dust-proof and leak-proof problems.

The semi-automatic powder packaging machine has two types of unloading driving motors: stepper motor and servo motor. The driving force of the stepper motor is small because the density of starch is high, if using a stepper motor, the starch is particularly easy to block in the spiral blades of the auger during the unloading process, causing the discharging unsuccessfully and powder to be blocked. Therefore, the unloading motor of the semi-automatic corn starch powder packaging machine is better to use a servo motor.

Based on the filling accuracy, filling speed, and packaging type, we recommend our SF-02 semi-automatic powder filling machine to you. It can not only be used to pack various types of premade pouches (three-side seal, four-side seal, back seal, standing bag, flat bottom) bags, etc.) made of composite materials, but also be used to fill bottles, cans, and jars, it has good compatibility with the packaging method of powder products.

For filling corn starch, the SF-02 semi-automatic powder packaging machine must be customized with anti-leakage and dust-proof devices. For powders with better fluidity, in the hopper of the packaging machine, the anti-leakage tray should be added and installed around the auger to reduce the degree of material leakage during the unloading process. At the discharge port of the filling machine, a dust cover must be customized to reduce the fly dust generated during the filling process and reduce dust pollution in the packaging workshop.

Because your packaging specifications are relatively big, the semi-automatic powder filling machine should use an automatic powder screw conveyor for conveying the material to the hopper. Although the hopper capacity of this manual powder packaging machine is 50L, in order to ensure packaging accuracy and speed, the material in the hopper must always keep 2/3 of the maximum capacity of the hopper.

The hopper of the SF-02 manual powder filling machine has two types: quick-opening and fully sealed hoppers. The quick-opening hopper has gaps. For powder with better fluidity, it is easy to leak when stored in the quick-opening hopper, so the hopper of corn starch powder filling machine is more suitable to be a fully sealed hopper.

Two Kinds Of Hoppers

The filling speed of the semi-automatic powder packaging machine is closely related to the manual operation speed. The average speed of packaging 450 g corn starch can reach about 15-20 packs/min. If adopts manual feeding, workers need to need it to pour the powder into silo every five minutes.

The customer’s email on October 13, 2021:

Please send me the packaging video of the SF-02 semi-automatic powder filling machine.

Our reply on October 13, 20121:

Please see the packaging video below.

The customer’s email on October 15, 20121:

Under what circumstances, is it necessary to use the calibration scale to calibrate the filling accuracy?

Our reply on October 18, 20121:

First of all, when the machine is assembled, at the beginning of trial filling, it takes about 2-3 times for filling accuracy calibration.

According to the density and fluidity of the material, the PLC system of the machine will automatically correct each filling accuracy error. After reaching the standard filling accuracy, there is no need to re-calibrate, and formal filling can be started.

Secondly, as long as the packaging specifications or materials of different densities are changed, the calibration of the filling accuracy is required.

The customer’s email on October 21, 20121:

Please make a detailed FOB price.

Our reply on October 21, 2021:

Please see the quotation in the attachment, which contains an SF-02 semi-automatic fine powder filling machine and an ST-F automatic powder screw conveyor. You can see the detailed configuration of the machine from the quotation.

Corn starch is a relatively common fine powder, our powder filling machine often fills this material. Because we are familiar with the characteristics of corn starch and have relevant packaging experience, there is no need to send material samples to test the packaging.

In addition to corn starch filling equipment, we also have other complete sets of supporting starch packaging equipment, such as the manual pouch sealing machine, manual can sealing machine, do you need it?

The customer’s email on October 23, 2021:

We don’t need sealing machines. In the first ten days of November, we have a new product launch conference. After that, we will decide the final quantity of semi-automatic starch fine powder filling machines based on the customer’s order, and we will contact you in two weeks.

On November 23, 2021, the customer contacted us and said that the order quantity for the newly launched product was good. According to the estimation of production output, the quantity of the semi-automatic powder packaging machines needs to be increased. We received the advance payment for the customer’s order on November 28, 2021. The machine is currently in production.

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