The semi-automatic granule filling machine is developed for the packaging of small granular materials,  it has wide application in the chemical, agricultural, and food industries, such as rice, peanuts, red dates, seeds, feed pellets, fertilizer pellets, sugar, roasted seeds, and nuts, etc.

The machine works efficiently and requires less energy consumption. The precision of the machinery is very high, the space occupied is small, the utilization rate of the site is high, and the energy consumption is low.

Semi-automatic granule filling machine uses electronic scales to measure, accurate in filling. Delta PLC control system, easy and reliable to operate. Double vibration feeding, high effect in weighing and filling. All stainless steel structure, easy to maintain and clean. Photoelectric unloading material, automatic counting, and measurement. It can also be matched with other equipment to form a complete filling line.

Semi Automatic Granule Packaging Machine

It adopts the fast, medium, and slow three speeds unloading method, which has fast packing speed and high precision. You can choose the photoelectric switch or footswitch to control the unloading. The electric scale discharge materials at the same time, which is convenient to expand the packaging specifications, or apply to mixed packaging of different kinds of materials.

Just input the weight parameter, the system can automatically calculate the data of the adding material speed, then automatically track and correct the error value. The touch screen displays the time occupied by each speed ( fast, medium, and slow ), more convenient for users to adjust. Available customized devices include a leak-proof devices, pneumatic valve devices, dust removal devices, and a special vibration devices. Manual bagging, photoelectric induction, automatic measurement.

Model SK-1D-2K Semi Automatic Filling Machine
Packing Container Type no limit
Filling Range 30-2000 g
Hopper Volume 4 L
Machine Material 304 stainless steel in contact with materials, the others are stainless steel
Filling Speed < 15 bags/min
Power 0.5 KW
Weighing Hopper NOS 1
Unloading Method double vibrator unloading