At the beginning of August 2021, we received a telephone inquiry about the semi-automatic powder packaging machine from Frankfurt, Germany. The client is a small and medium-sized manufacturer of pet nutrition. His products include pet cat and dog nutritional supplements, pet goat milk powder, dog beef bone meal, chicken powder, and so on. Their company recently developed a goat milk powder, which is still in the product promotion stage, and the output is not large, so he wanted to find semi-automatic powder packaging equipment.

There are three packaging forms for his goat milk powder-pre-made pouch, metal cans, and plastic bottles. The packaging specifications are 200g for premade bags and plastic bottles, 260g and 400g for metal cans. The required filling speed is 15 cans/min for 200g, 10 cans/min for 400g, and 1% filling accuracy.

Pet Milk Powder Packaging

The pet milk powder of this customer has various packaging forms, so the semi-automatic powder packaging machine model should be more compatible with more packaging methods. The required filling accuracy is not particularly high, which can be achieved by ordinary auger-type powder packaging machines, and it is not necessary to use a weighing powder weighing filling machine.

The customer’s packaging specifications are from 200g-400g, and the span is not too large, and only a set of augers (measurement range from 100g-500g) is required. Milk powder is a relatively common powder material, in order to reduce dust pollution, we recommend that adding a dust cover to the discharge port of the packaging machine.

In order to ensure the filling accuracy and speed, the material level of the filling machine must be kept at least 2/3 of the full hopper at all times. If there is a packaging specification of about 500g, the powder packaging machine must use an automatic screw conveyor for powder.

In combination with the customer’s detailed filling needs, we finally recommended him the SF-02 semi-automatic auger powder filling machine with the dust-proof device, which can be used to fill various iron cans, glass cans, ceramic cans, bottles, jars, pre-made pouches, etc., widely used for packaging free-flowing or non-free-flowing powder materials, such as food powder, chemical powder, pharmaceutical powder, etc.

Regarding the packaging speed, our SF-02 semi-automatic powder auger screw filling machine can reach about 20 cans/minute for 200g and can reach about 15 cans/minute for 400g. The semi-automatic powder filling machine is a combination of mechanical and manual labor to complete the full filling process, its main advantage is that the filling volume can be adjusted in a relatively big range, which can well balance the different packaging output requirements of different products.

Later, we sent the filling accuracy-test video, working video, and technical parameters of the SF-02 semi-automatic auger type powder filling machine to the customer. After checking it, the customer asked if there were any wearing parts for this manual powder packaging machine. The SF-02 semi-automatic powder packaging machine is convenient and easy to operate, has fewer wearing accessories, a small maintenance workload, and long service life.

Except for some small electronic accessories, such as capacitors, current fuses, etc., there are no other wearing parts. These small electronic accessories, we will prepare some spare electronic wearing parts for customers in the packing list, and customers do not need to purchase them separately.

The customer also asked us if we have other ancillary equipment because he also needs to buy a powder pouch sealing machine and can sealing equipment. According to his bag and can type, we recommended him SFG-FXZ semi-automatic can sealing capping machine and SFK-ML powder pouch sealing machine.

After more than three weeks of repeated communication, the customer finally bought four machines: ST-F powder screw conveyor, SF-02 semi-automatic auger powder filling machine, SFG-FXZ semi-automatic can sealing machine and SFK-ML semi-automatic pouch sealing machine.

From receipt of the customer’s advance payment to delivery, we completed the production within one week and sent a complete trial video and pictures to the customer before delivery, and the customer was relieved.

After more than a month of transportation, the customer has received the machine this week and started to use it. When the machine was installed and tested, we conducted remote video guidance. The actual packaging speed and accuracy of the machine were the same as we promised, and the customer was very satisfied with it.

If you are also looking for a semi-automatic powder pre-made pouch filling machine or a semi-automatic powder can filling machine, there are also several packing ways. When choosing the machine model and configuration, we hope the above actual case can give you some help.

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