In January 2022, a bakery product manufacturer in Washington State, USA contacted Sywen Packaging. Due to the inefficiency of manual filling and the problem of staff leave, they needed an economical semi-automatic powder filling machine to package matcha powder.


  • Product: organic ceremonial grade Matcha green tea powder
  • Packing: stand-up pouches with zipper, plastic jars.
  • Packaging Weight: 1.06 OZ, 3.53 OZ, 16 OZ
  • Bag/Jar Size: stand-up pouch with zipper(for 1.6 OZ)-width 4.82 x height 5.25 inches, plastic jar-dia.3.11 x height 4.13 inch(for 3.53 OZ), dia.4.5 x height 5 inches(for 16 OZ).
  • Filling Speed: 6-10 jars/min(for filling 16 OZ)
  • Filling Precision: ±1%


In order to know the characteristics of the powder, and make a suitable matcha powder filling solution, we had a video chat with the customer. He showed the free-flowing and the fineness of the powder in many aspects. We found that the matcha powder has the following characteristics:

(1). The powder is fine, and it is easier to stick to the wall of the packaging bottle or bag.
(2). During the filling process, it is easy to generate dust.


Supplied Packaging Machines:

SF-F infeed conveyor can continuously convey raw powder materials into the hopper of the powder packaging machine. It is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, one-button controls the rotating counterclockwise or clockwise of the screw, which is very convenient for cleaning.

Considering the characteristics of matcha tea powder, the SF-02 semi-automatic powder packaging machine adopts a servo motor to drive screw feeding, and the servo motor is superior to a stepper motor in many aspects such as torque and overload resistance.

According to the customer’s packaging weight, this semi-automatic powder filling machine is equipped with two sets of screws for filling powders of different packaging specifications.

In order to reduce the dust in the filling process, a dust-proof cover and a dust removal pipe(for connecting to the dust collector) are installed at the discharging port of the semi-automatic powder filling machine.