In August 2022, a steak seasoning manufacturer in the United States contacted Sywen Packaging. They needed to purchase seasoning packaging equipment to package steak rubs, the packaging speed should reach 900-1000 bottles/hour.


Product: mixed spices(powder or powder-granule mixture)
Packing: round glass jar, plastic jar
Package Weight: 159 g, 226 g
Cap Type: plastic screw cap
Packaging Speed: 15-18 bottles/min
Filling Precision: ≤±1%
Required Equipment: semi-automatic powder filling machine, semi-automatic bottle capping machine


Supplied Machine:

The raw materials are manually poured into the hopper of the screw conveying machine, it will automatically and continuously transport the materials to the powder filling machine. The powder screw conveyor will automatically stop when the material is full, and automatically replenish when the material is short, the conveying capacity can reach 3-6 CBM/hour.

According to the characteristics of seasoning powder, the manual powder packaging machine is equipped with a specially customized screw auger, which is specially designed to measure and package powder and powder mixture spices, which greatly solves the problem of blockage of ordinary screws augers when packaging spices.

The screw auger is driven by a servo motor, and the PLC system controls the number of turns of the motor to achieve the purpose of measuring and sub-packaging, and the filling accuracy is high. When filling materials with different densities and different free-flowing, through the data feedback by the weight calibration scale, the PLC system of the machine will automatically correct the deviation of packaging accuracy.

The manual bottle capping machine is a multifunctional capping machine, suitable for capping 12-120mm bottle diameter, and 10-300mm bottle height. It can be used to screw various types of plastic screw caps, such as pump caps, cosmetic caps, throat spray pumps, essential oil caps, etc., the capping speed can reach 20-40 bottles/min.

The bottle holder of the bottle capping machine can be adjusted freely according to the size of the bottle. The semi-automatic bottle capping machine is driven by dual motors, with powerful torque. Imported wear-resistant silicone wheel, which won’t hurt the cap when screwing the cap.