Screw conveyor uses the rotation of spiral blades to push bulk materials, to complete conveying powdery materials, it is not suitable to transport large pieces of corrosive, fragile, or easily bonded fibrous materials. According to the different coiling directions of the spiral blades, the spiral body can be divided into two types, left rotation and right rotation.

If the left-rotation and right-rotation blades are respectively wound around the two ends of the main arbor, when the arbor rotates, the material can be transported from both ends to the middle or from the middle to the two ends. The spiral structure is simple, the cross-sectional size is small, and the sealing performance is good.

It can be loaded and unloaded on the entire length, conveying powder material in two directions in the same machine slot. The operation is safe and convenient, and the manufacturing cost is low. It has the function of mixing and loosening materials at the same time during the conveying process. According to user requirements, it can be equipped with auxiliary mechanisms such as a bottom sweeping door, anti-blocking door, and electrical control system.

Our screw conveyor is made of 304 stainless steel, meets food-grade safety standards, equipped with a vibration motor to make the material enter the spiral automatically. It can be used to transport powders of different densities, such as flour, starch, baking powder, coffee powder, milk powder, protein powder, seasoning powder, cocoa powder, food additives, etc. Polishing has general polishing and fine polishing.