The Background:

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, a diversified seasoning manufacturer commissioned us to make an automatic packaging solution for one of their portable seafood sauces. The packaging of the sauce is a small three-side seal sachet, the packaging weight is 10 g/sachet, and the packaging speed must reach 1200 bags/hour. The degree of automation of the machine should be high, and only 1-2 workers should be on duty during packaging.

The Solution:

Through communication and cooperation with the client, the filling machine is finally determined by providing SY-280 automatic liquid sachet packing machine. Piston metering can be used to fill viscous liquids in daily chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and other industries. Manually place the laminated packaging film on the roller, unroll the roll film, and install it on the bag-forming device, the machine can automatically complete bag making, filling, sealing, batch number coding, etc.

“When we received the machine, I was a bit skeptical that this small machine would be able to meet all our packaging needs. The machine has a small footprint and saves labor, and it has proven to be able to achieve the filling speed and packaging quality we require! We are very satisfied !”