A sauce filling machine is generally suitable for the filling of viscous or high viscous sauces, with or without particles or particles in condiments, such as chili sauce, bean paste, peanut butter, sesame paste, jam, and so on. According to the degree of automation in operation, it can be divided into an automatic sauce filling machine and a semi-automatic sauce filling machine. But what issues should be considered when choosing a sauce filling machine? Following are three tips for your reference.

(1). If you fill large particles of sauce, will it block the material?

If your product is a sauce containing large particles, the ordinary sauce filling machine may block the material opening during the filling process, so when buying a sauce filling machine, you should choose a specially designed material mouth and filling valves to unload large particles, so the sauce can pass more smoothly.

(2). Will the oil sauce separate during filling, resulting in the uneven filling?

For example, when filling beef sauce, mushroom sauce, and other sauces, these sauces contain large particles, and material precipitation may occur in the material tank. Therefore, it may also have the same situation when filling them into the bottle. You should pay attention to it when purchasing the machine. Choosing a model with a mixing structure of the material tank, with a better, more uniform mixing effect.

(3). If I increase the filling specifications in the future, do I need to buy a new filling machine?

The machine of the same model will be equipped with corresponding filling parts according to different filling ranges. If you have plans to increase the filling specifications in the future, when purchasing a filling machine, you must choose a model with a wider filling range, or you can buy more sets of accessories to fill different specifications. Because later, if you buy accessories separately for replacement, the freight may be more expensive than the accessories themselves, which is very uneconomical.

(4). How about the after-sales service of the manufacturer?

Needless to say how important the after-sales service is. When the machine is purchased, various operation or quality problems may be encountered, and problems may also be encountered in later maintenance. If the after-sales service is very good, the manufacturer responded and resolved all the problems quickly, it can save a lot of trouble.

In Conclusion

About are 4 important tips that should be considered before purchasing a sauce filling machine. If you want to know more about the sauce filling machine, you can consult our sauce filling experts!