In April 2022, a household sanitizer manufacturer from the USA contacted Sywen Packaging. The company owns several well-known brands of hand sanitizer gels. In order to increase production capacity, they built a new packaging workshop, and they needed to purchase an automatic sanitizing gel filling machine to form a high-speed hand gel bottle filling line.


The product is an ethanol-based sanitizing gel, packed with PP round plastic bottles. There are four filling specifications – 100ML, 225ML, 450ML, and 860ML. The required filling speed is 30-40 bottles/min, and the accuracy precision should be ≤ 1 %.


The customer requests that it takes about 10 minutes if change different filling specifications.


Provided Machine:

SY-GZ Automatic Liquid Bottle Filling Machine (With 4 Filling Heads)

This machine is a mobile filling liquid bottling machine. The filling head follows the bottle and completes quantitative filling during the movement. It has the advantages of fast speed and convenient replacement of filling specifications.

At present, the mobile filling liquid packaging machine is mainly used in the bottling line of lubricating oil and daily chemical industry, and the best application filling range is between 100-1000 ML.

The diving of the filling head and the left and right movement of the filling head are all driven by servo motors and equipped with an automatic control system.

According to different packaging outputs, the automatic liquid bottling machine is divided into single-head mobile filling liquid packaging machines and multi-head mobile filling liquid packaging machines. The conventional output ranges from 1500-3500 bottles (take 500 ml as an example).

Just adjust the width of the conveyor belt, and the height of the filling nozzle, and input the relevant parameters on the touch screen, and you can change different filling specifications in 5-8 minutes.