In January 2022, a hand sanitizer manufacturer in the USA contacted Sywen Packaging. In order to increase production capacity, the company builds a new workshop and needs to purchase an automatic hand sanitizer packaging line.


Product: viscous hand sanitizer gel
Packaging Specifications: 236ML, 355ML, 450ML
Packing: round plastic bottles
Bottle Mouth Diameter: 2-2.5 cm
Bottle Body Diameter: 5-7.5 cm
Bottle Height: 9-14.5 cm
Cap Type: dispenser pump caps
Filling Speed: 25-30 bottles/min
Filling Precision: ±1%
Label Type: paper self-adhesive label, full-circle labeling


After communicating with the customer, the client hopes that the filling machine, capping machine, and labeling machine can be used for various bottle sizes. When labeling, the distance between the above and below the bottle can be set.


Machine List:

Bottle Loading Turntable.

SY-G Automatic Piston Filling Machine (with 10 filling heads).

SXG-4WCG Automatic Capping Machine (adding bottle caps manually, automatic capping by the machine).

ST-YP Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine (with positioning function).

The empty bottles are manually placed on the round turntable, and the machine automatically transports the bottles to the filling station. Pneumatic parts clamp the bottle, the filling head control valve opens to start filling. When reaching the target volume, the filling head valve closes, and the bottle is transported to the capping station.

There are several bottle cap sizes, so the capping solution is manually putting the caps on the bottle and capping automatically by the machine. The capping consists of initial rotation and re-rotation of the cap, and the torque can be adjusted independently.

The machine is equipped with a clutch device that will not damage the cap when capping. Two sets of bottle clamping ring belt mechanisms, so that tall bottles or unstable bottles can also be labeled smoothly.

The operator can set the optical fiber and electric eye according to the product labeling position, and the labeling position can be adjusted in multiple dimensions, it has double positioning of label positioning and labels deviation correction, and the head and tail of the label are highly overlapped.

The labeling machine adopts elastic pressure covering belt, the label is flat and wrinkle-free after sticking. According to packaging needs, it can be equipped with a ribbon batch number coding machine or an inkjet batch coding machine.