SF-520 sachet packing machine is for vertical filling and sealing 100-2000 g free-flowing or non-free-flowing powder products, the standard sachet sealing type is back seal. 520 means the max. width of the plastic laminated film roll is 520 mm.

It is equipped with a screw conveyor for conveying powder to the hopper, and an auger metering device for metering and filling. Both the auger metering device and the screw conveyor are sealed, which avoids dust pollution to the workshop during the packing process.

During the packaging process of the sachet packing machine, the laminated packaging roll film is continuously conveyed through the stretching of the roll. The plastic film is passed through the bag former to form a cylindrical shape, and the side is sealed by the thermal longitudinal sealing device, while the powder is filled into the bag, and the horizontal sealing mechanism cuts the length and position of the package according to the color code photoelectric detection device.

The design of our powder sachet packing machine adopts a unique embedded seal, an enhanced heat sealing mechanism, and an intelligent temperature controller for controlling temperature. It has a good thermal balance and can be applied to various packing materials.

VFFS Powder Sachet Packing Machine

It has a performance number, low noise, clear seal lines, and strong sealing.Good filling and sealing performance, low working noise, clear sealing lines, and strong sealing performance.

What are the advantages of SF-520 Sachet Packing Machine?

Our automatic sachet packing machine adopts a new generation of the imported microcomputer control system, man-machine interface automatic operating system, local language display, digital control, simple and easy to understand, not only realizes the simplicity of operation but also ensures the automation of the whole packaging process. The packaging status is always displayed on the LED screen, so it is easy to grasp the packaging situation at any time.

The plastic laminated packaging roll film system is driven by high-quality stepper motor differential stretching. Cooperate with the induction device to reduce the error of the plastic packaging s roll film feeding, and ensure the accuracy of the laminated packaging roll film conveying. It has the advantages of low noise, fast and uniform conveying of the packaging roll film.

Imported high-precision ball bearings run with high-frequency processing hard chrome strips, which guarantees the stability of the machine to a large extent. It has the advantages of perfect mechanical structure, high matching precision and uniform movement, which makes the packaging speed higher, get better packaging and sealing results.

Packing Machine Hopper
Screw Conveyor Hopper
Delta LED Touch Screen
Sealing and Cutting Device
Bag Former
Model SF-520 Sachet Packing Machine
Metering and Filling Device 304 stainless steel auger
Bag Type Back Seal
Filling Range 100-2000 g
Bag Size L 80-350 mm, Width 80-250 mm
Packing and Sealing Speed 10-50 bags/min
Control System PLC control, color touch screen
Machine Body Material Stainless steel
Power Main motor 370 W, heating power 720 W
Stretch Film Material Paper/polyethylene, cellophane/polyethylene, plated aluminum/polyethylene, BOPP/polyethylene, nylon/polyethylene and other heat sealing material
Functions make bags, fill, seal, cut, print date codes make easy tearing notches