Automatic Granule Vertical Filling Sealing Machine

SK-420 sachet packaging machine a high-performance, fully automated granule packing machine developed by Sywen, which can complete a series of functions such as automatic feeding, metering, bag making, correction of deviation, filling, sealing, date printing and finished product output. Sachet type is back seal, max. stretch film is 420 mm.

It can make all kinds of heat-sealed plastic film materials into various packing bags, such as pillow bags, gusset bags, bags with hanging holes, back seal bags, etc., and then automatically complete weighing, filling, sealing, and coding. Suitable for packaging various particles, such as peanuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, chocolate, raisins, rice, nuts, sugar, salt, beans, popcorn, biscuits, tea, cereals, cereals, desiccants, potato chips, etc.

Main frame and stainless steel 304 in contact with material, English control panel, other languages can be customized. The operation is simple, stable and easy to maintain. Provide manual operation and video, life-long after-sales service. Imported PLC microcomputer control, makes bag making parameter setting is more convenient. There is material level detection sensor in hopper, machine will automatic conveying material when lack material, ensure stable packaging work. The compact and unique integrated structure, which greatly reduces the requirements for the height and space of the workshop. Precise positioning and servo control of the tension of the stretched film. It can heat seal PE, PT/PET/ALUMINUM/PE/BOPP filter paper and other composite materials.

Automatic Coding Function

The measuring cup is made of stainless steel or nylon. Intelligent temperature control temperature, so that the heat is better balanced. With a automatic printing function (can encode the date and batch number) and rotating blade (can adjust the length of the bag and the shape of the edge of the bag). A safe plastic box is installed on the rotating blade to avoid injury to the operator’s hand. The compact and unique integrated structure, greatly reduces the requirements for the height and space of the workshop.

Model SK-420 Sachet Packaging Machine
Filling Range 100 – 2000 g
Sealing Type back seal
Sachet Length 80 – 400 mm
Sachet Width 80 – 200 mm
Stretch Film Max. Width 420 mm
Filling Speed < 30 bags/min
Power 3.5 KW
Measuring Device rotating cups or four heads combination scale
Coding Type ribbon coding or stencil coding