The Background:

Sywen Packaging was recently approached by a leading seasoning and spices manufacturer in Russia, they are looking for an efficient packaging solution for the hot-sale spice powder. The product is fine chili powder, that is packaged in three-side-seal small sachets, and the capacity should reach 1200 sachets per hour. The structure of the machine should be compact, there are only about 6 square meters of floor space to place the machine.

The Solution:

Sywen Packaging customized and provided the SF-280 machine for the seasoning company. The packaging film is placed on the reel, and the machine can automatically make bags, fill them, seal them, and cut them. A special auger is specially used for measuring and filling seasoning powder, and the actual packaging output has reached 1200-1500 bags/hour. The project was completed within budget and was a great success for us.

“SF-280 is a multi-functional automatic powder packing machine. Among several packaging machine suppliers, we finally chose Sywen Packaging because of the positive response, rich industry experience, and showing the reliability of the machine in many aspects.”