The Background:

Sywen Packaging was contacted by a healthcare products manufacturer in the USA, who asked us to provide an automatic round can seaming machine for the protein powder. The can sealing machine should have a vacuum function, and the amount of residual oxygen should be ≤4%. The height and the conveyor width of the automatic can sealing machine should be customized with the front-end filling machine.

The Solution:

We designed and supplied an SFG-ZKD automatic vacuum can sealing machine that seals round protein powder cans, the sealing speed can reach max. 7 cans/min. The machine is controlled by a programmable PLC system, the sealing and vacuuming are finished in a vacuum room, and the residual oxygen is less than 3%. It supports multiple functions, such as vacuum sealing, sealing without vacuum, and filling N2 after sealing. Maintenance-free vacuum pump, the operation, and maintenance are easy.

“We have been very impressed with the can vacuum sealing machine by its performance and reliability. Sywen Packaging provides excellent service and technical service in the usage of the machine.”