As people’s living standards improve, rice packaging methods have changed a lot. In the past, rice filling and packing were very simple, mainly in woven bags and plastic bags. Nowadays, rice packaging has become very diverse, with paper bag packaging, jar packaging, etc. appearing. Sywen Packaging has developed a series of manual rice filling machines, automatic rice filling machines, and automatic rice packaging production lines to meet different rice packaging demands.

Our rice filling machines are mainly used for packaging granular materials, such as grains, sesame, millet, rice, soybeans, corn, sorghum, millet, buckwheat, oats, barley, kidney beans, mung beans, broad beans, peas, washing powder, MSG, chicken essence, corn, wheat, Chinese medicine granules, coffee beans, tea, pistachios, walnuts, nuts, cat food, dog food, melon seeds, and other granular products. At present, the machines have been applied to actual packaging production by many food, chemical, and agricultural products processing companies, and the packaging effect is very good.

  • Measuring cup or electronic scale weighing and filling.
  • Suitable packing methods include rice in bags, woven bags, cans, premade pouches, or small sachets.
  • LED touch screen, world-famous PLC control system.
  • Just input the filling and weighing parameter, the system can automatically calculate the fast adding value, slow adding value, and can automatically track and correct the error value.
  • Has alarm for short of weight and error self-correcting function.
  • Whole stainless steel construction, which is dust-proof and water-proof, easy to maintain and clean.