In May 2022, a high-end pet food manufacturer in the United States contacted Sywen Packaging. They needed to purchase an automatic powder filling machine to package pet protein powder. One powder packaging machine should be able to fill two packaging specifications, and the filling speed should reach 600- 700 cans/hour.


Product: Organic pet protein powder
Packing: round plastic cans (same diameter, different heights)
Packaging Weight: 527g, 850g
Filling Speed: 10-15 cans/min
Filling Accuracy: ≤±3‰
Packaging Process: A machine transfers the empty jars on the conveyor belt instead of labor, and the empty jars enter the filling station to start weighing and filling, and then to the screw capping and labeling packaging stations. The bottle capping machine and the automatic labeling machine are the existing machines in the workshop, so the filling machine should be able to link with other protein powder packaging machines well.


Supplied Machine:

The empty jars are manually placed on the turntable, turn on the switch, and the machine automatically guides the turntable through the rotation and the track, and the bottle enters the conveying belt of the next packaging equipment to realize the function of automatic bottle feeding in the filling process. It is an auxiliary machine of the production linkage line, and has bottle storage and bottle sorting functions. The machine can be used to sort and organize round, square, or special-shaped glass, plastic, or metal bottles, cans, jars and etc.

Manually pouring powder into the hopper of the powder packaging machine, Through the screw feeder, the raw materials can be conveyed intelligently and automatically to the powder packaging machine. According to the customer’s requirements for filling accuracy, this automatic powder jar filling machine adopts the principle of weighing filling, can be used to package 10-2000g powder in food, daily chemical, and other industries, and the filling accuracy is ≤±3‰.

Considering the characteristics of protein powder, the powder weighing and filling machine is customized with dust-proof, anti-leakage, and vibration-filling designs. The automatic powder filling machine is driven by a servo motor, which has the advantages of high precision, fast speed, and stable performance. There is a bottle positioning device when filling, and photoelectric tracking of bottles, and jars, which can ensure accurate filling. Domestic maintenance-free geared motor, low noise, lifetime maintenance-free. Frequency conversion control, packaging speed, and accuracy can be adjusted freely.