In August 2022, an Indonesian mill flour manufacturer and exporter contacted Sywen Packaging. Because of the increased new product categories, the company needs to purchase new powder packaging equipment to fill 5KG-10KG grain mill flour. One powder filling machine should be able to package a variety of flour types and packaging weights.


Product: finely milled baking flour and organic flour
Packaging Size: 5 KG, 7.2 KG, 10 KG
Packing: laminated side-gusset pre-made pouches
Filling Speed: 3-5 bags/min
Filling Accuracy: ≤± 3‰


Supplied Machine:

ST-F Screw Conveyor

SF-50 Manual Powder Weigh Filling Machine

The screw conveyor is a powder packaging auxiliary equipment that drives the screw to rotate by the motor and pushes the material, to realize the purpose of inclined conveying the material, the conveying capacity is 3-6 CBM/h. There is a counterclockwise switch, which is convenient for cleaning materials when stop running.

The flour powder filling machine is a semi-automatic powder weighing filling machine, it can be used to fill 5-50 KG powder materials in food, chemical, and other industries, and the filling accuracy is ≤±3‰. When packaging, just manually put the bag under the unloading outlet, the stainless steel clamp will automatically clamp the bag and start weighing and filling. When the set packing weight is reached, loosen the bag.

The powder packaging machine is made of high-quality stainless steel,  it is equipped with a color touch screen that displays information such as packaging quantity, packaging precision, packaging speed, etc. in real-time. The silo is equipped with a stirring motor, which can loosen the material during the conveying process, which can ensure a more uniform filling of the material. The manual powder weighing filling machine can be connected with a conveyor belt, a sewing machine, or a pouch sealing machine to form a small powder bag packaging line.